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Sign widows’ pensions petition

Almost 74,000 people have now signed a petition calling for police widows’ pensions to be paid for life - even if they remarry or co-habit.

A total of 100,000 signatures are required for the campaign to be considered for debate in the House of Commons.

Although serving and retired officers have been signing the petition it would appear that there are still thousands who are not aware of the campaign. It is hoped that more people will sign and share the petition: Police Widows’ Pension Campaign entered into Google will also take you to the petition if you are having problems with the link.

West Midlands Police widow Kate Hall has already achieved considerable success with her campaign, with the Chancellor’s Budget statement outlining plans to change the pension rules.

“I am delighted with the breakthrough that we have made with our campaign. Comparatively few widows and widowers will benefit from the changes this time around, but for those who will benefit it could be life-changing,” she says.

“They will be free to choose a family life and retain the pension that is rightfully theirs; many children will experience for the first time a family home with two resident adults who love and care for them – it seems bizarre that anyone would wish to deny them that.

“We will, of course, continue to campaign for parity with the RUC widows in Northern Ireland and life-long pensions for all police survivors. In the run-up to the General Election, supporters of the campaign are writing to their local Parliamentary candidates to ask for their support should they be successful in their bid to be elected MP.

“We would appreciate it if anyone reading this would do the same. When we know the combination of Government we will be dealing with post-election, we will tailor our approach accordingly and updates will continue to go out to signatories of the petition.”

A statement from the Police Federation has explained: “The view from the Home Office is that irrespective of who wins the election the detail will be forthcoming. There will need to be a change of legislation to implement the change and this will be laid by the new administration post-election.”

Police Officers will have to provide DNA

This circular publicises amendments to Police Regulations 2003 and Special Constables Regulations 1965 which implement the College of Policing’s decision to permit forces to take DNA samples from serving officers and special constables and to check information derived from the sample (DNA profile) against samples or DNA profiles taken in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984(a) or recovered from scenes of crime.

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Pay Survey 2015

The following has been sent out by the PFEW today and we would encourage as many people as possible to complete it. This is a genuine means of getting your views heard and, in fairness, Leatherhead did use the results to feed into the PRRB discussions last year. It'll just take a couple of minutes so why not?

“This Police Federation survey is your opportunity to tell us what you think about pay and conditions. We ran a very similar survey last year, and it formed the core part of our evidence to the Police Remuneration Review Body. The results will provide me and my team with the critical evidence to argue your case to them, and to influence any changes. Your views can make a difference. The more people that complete this questionnaire the more strength it will give us to keep people at the highest levels of policing informed of your point of view. Please take the time to complete the survey so that I can be in a position to represent you as you would wish. Thank you for your time”.

Limited Duties Policy to be introduced on 1 May 2015

You can now view the Home Office draft guidance on the implementation of the new policy on limited duties which will now include recuperative duties, adjusted duties and management restricted duties.

This is an important policy change as it could include the loss of the operational x-factor that was referred to in the Winsor Review.

Read the PFEW information here....

You can read the Home Office draft guidance here....

You can read the changes to Determinations here....

Pay Progression and your PDR

From 1 April this year sergeants, inspectors and chief inspectors will need to have a satisfactory PDR before receiving their next incremental pay rise. This will apply to constables from 1 April 2016. The following has been received today from the Home Office.

To:  All Chief Constables and Local Policing Bodies
Home Office Circular 006/2015 has been published on the GOV.UK website.
This publishes amendments to Annex F of the Secretary of State’s determinations under the Police Regulations 2003 to implement the 2014 Police Negotiating Board agreement published in PNB Circular 2013/14 (Revised) in relation to linking link police officer pay progression to Performance Development Review (PDR) grading.
The relevant amendments to Annex F are attached to this circular. These should be read in conjunction with College of Policing guidance on the new PDR standards, which is published on their website.
The effective date of these changes is 1 April 2015 unless otherwise stated.
Harriet Mackinlay
Police Pay & Conditions
Policing Directorate
Home Office

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Updated for March 2015

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